I’m the Head of AI at the social trading platform wikifolio.com and co-author and maintainer of the project Tidy Finance.

I occasionally design shirts and mugs that you can find under the Tidy Swag brand.


Vienna Graduate School of Finance
PhD in Finance | Sep 2015 - Jun 2020

University of Vienna
MSc in Economics | Sep 2009 - Jun 2015


Tidy Finance with R (Chapman and Hall/CRC)
Joint work with Stefan Voigt and Patrick Weiss


Crowdfunding and Demand Uncertainty

Perceived Precautionary Savings Motives: Evidence from FinTech
Joint work with Francesco D’Acunto, Thomas Rauter and Michael Weber

Building Trust Takes Time: Limits to Arbitrage in Blockchain-Based Markets
Joint work with Nikolaus Hautsch and Stefan Voigt

Fishing with Pearls: The Value of Lending Relationships with Prestigious Firms
Joint work with Alexander Mürmann and Thomas Rauter

Why Do Mutual Funds Hold Cash?
Joint work with Maria Chaderina

The Dark Side of Liquid Bonds in Fire Sales
Joint work with Maria Chaderina and Alexander Mürmann


  • Gutman Private Wealth Management Seminar: FinTech
  • Perm Winter School: Liquidity Monitoring
  • University of Vienna: Calculus, Keynes for Beginners, International Macroeconomics, Macroeconomics and Inequality
  • WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business): Linear Algebra, Industry Lab
  • TU (Vienna University of Technology): Microeconomics